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Jayanti Jewellers" has a wide range of jewellery products you can choose from.

About Jayanti Jewellers

Jayanti Jewellers was established by "Sir Shravan Kumar Thakur". From 1995 our jewellery shop has been running successfully and we have various range of products and latest designs at an attractive rate from the market. We have created happy customers those are really satisfied by our ornaments designs and collections. We deal with gold, silver, platinum as well as diamond ornaments.

We have collections for all types of occasions and we charge a lower making charge rate than others in Darbhanga and also in Bihar. All our ornaments are bis hallmarked and are 100% quality tested.

You can buy all yours ornaments because our shop is well trusted and popular and have earned a good name and fame. We are a brand and deals with all top gold ornaments companies.

You can find a large range of collections when you come to buy. We design and also have various types of bangles, rings, chains ,necklace etc others jewellery that you desire of.Apart from this we provide various attractive discounts on various occasions to our customers.